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Donation Taking


Your customers can now donate at your Point of Sale terminals

Point of Sale donations are successful because they benefit everyone. They make it easy for the public to donate and it is straightforward for retailers to implement. This new WinPOS donation feature allows your customers to donate any dollar amount when processing payments during a transaction.

Different donation items are defined in Harmony for each charity. This item will be added to the customer transaction with the donated amount. For each donation item WinPOS will add an offset item to the transaction, this will ensure sale quantities on reports are not impacted.

The customer will receive a tax receipt with a minimum donation amount. The receipt includes the charity logo, name, address and registration number. In addition, WinPOS can force the user to enter the diary details of the customer for a minimum donation amount.

WinPOS also allows you to sell charity items. The mechanism is the same as for the Donation items, no special receipt is printed in this case.

For further information, or if this is of interest to your organisation, please contact your Account Manager or call us on 03 8571 8571 and select option 3.