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Winter 2012 Newsletter

inHARMONY The Winter Edition 2012

Rust Never Sleeps

I was intrigued to discover I actually have over ten loyalty cards in my
possession. Only one is in my wallet the others are on my desk, in my office, the glove box of my car, my bedside table and at least one I use as a bookmark.

Ever since Tesco launched its innovative Clubcard loyalty scheme back in 1995, loyalty cards have become a widespread device that  businesses have used to connect with customers.

In the winter edition of our newsletter we summarise the latest statistical findings on the success of loyalty programs and put forward the thoughts of leading practitioners and business authors.

FBS has been busy employing the services of talented website optimisation experts to assist our customers to reach their targeted audience. Even the most compelling products and services on the internet are useless if no one knows about them and they cannot be found with non-branded keywords. Ecommerce anonymity is avoidable and our article on search engine optimisation titled "Who really knows you're out there?" makes interesting reading.

Our commitment to recruiting talented personnel hasn't stopped with the web department. In the last three months we have employed a number of people to fill important roles in account management, implementation and training and hardware support. Our account managers will be having important conversations with you about our new services. What I can reveal is that we have employed a new systems integration manager, Sam Sattler who is responsible for extending our technical services. We now offer preventative maintenance on hardware and tailored service level agreements. Joining Sam and forming part of the new team is Phillip Hubbard as a senior technician. This will free up Mark Sinclair to work in a number of important areas, including working in conjunction with hardware  vendors, exploring new point of sale and back office solutions.

In closing, I would personally like to thank Bremnar Glass Equipment  on their 20 year anniversary as an FBS customer, and the return of  one of my favourite newsletter articles "From the Vault"; when we  take the time to acknowledge long-standing business relationships. 

So which loyalty card do I carry in my wallet… my flybys card.


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