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Autumn 2012 Newsletter

inHARMONY The Autumn Edition 2012

Is art a creative ingredient in business?

Is warehousing an art or a science? The answer is obvious; it's a science. Nevertheless, I've seen many warehousing operations look more like a Sydney Pollock painting; inventory (like his paint drippings) strewn across the entire length and breadth of the warehouse, seemingly without rhyme or reason. Picking, packing and storing inventory is an act of sheer will. Under those circumstances it is difficult to see past the chaos. In the Autumn edition of our newsletter we offer advice on how process mapping and utilizing a suite of Harmony modules can revamp any warehouse.

Whilst on the subject of warehousing, a growing number of Harmony customers are establishing warehouses or utilizing third party warehouses in China with the objective of delivering goods direct to retail stores. Harmony plays an active role under both scenarios. You can scan pack the goods in China directly into Harmony or electronically exchange the data via a third party.

Over the past few months, I've had the privilege of witnessing close-up the bubble of creativity emanating from the Harmony developers working on our new graphically rich applications. Demystifying the creative process has been illuminating, a little surprising but largely engaging. Inside this newsletter is a first look at our new and exciting Harmony Style Storyboard.

For those of you who think we may have been a little quiet, I can assure you a that great deal of progress has been made in a number of important areas within Harmony. We have stretched our resources and our software into new and exciting areas. In the second half of the year we will have completed our new suite of visually pleasing and feature rich applications for style development, merchandise planning, task-tracking and open-to-buy, loosely called "The Fashion Canopy."
Collaborating with our customers is an essential ingredient to our collective success. So a special thank you to all our customers who have embraced our industry-leading "Open Licensing" proposition.

It's been a rewarding experience working with the many contributors to the newsletter and I hope there is something of interest for everyone in the ensuing pages.

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