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Summer 2011 Newsletter

inHARMONY The Summer Edition 2011

We're back bigger and better.

After a hiatus of more than twelve months, FBS has relaunched its newsletter with a new resurgence and vitality. The newsletter will be released quarterly in line with the four seasons of the year.

Commencing with Summer 2011, this edition showcases a wide range of articles including the buoyancy of online retailing in Australia, FBS's expanding involvement in website design and development, a spotlight on new FBS customers, and a new Harmony features section.

We will also be including regular articles on the direction of our software development and new training initiatives. We invite all our customers to provide feedback on the content and quality of the inHARMONY newsletter.

It is important to mention that FBS continues to invest a considerable amount of time and effort in all the critical areas of our business with the objective of improving all our products and services. We have accelerated our push towards the goal of creating all our Harmony modules within a Graphical User Interface, increased the number of account managers and introduced an exciting new "Open License" proposition to enhance our value to all our customers.

On an important final note, we would like to wish everyone a happy and safe festive season, and thank all of our customers for their loyal support over the past year.


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