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Bed Bath & Beyond
Blue Illusion
Bonza Brats
Famous Footwear
Manning Cartell
My Size
Skin and Threads
Swimwear Galore
Johnny Bigg
A reference from Bed Bath & Beyond
"We had an adequate point-of-sale system for our shop front needs.As we grew we realised this is only a small part of running an efficient business.

By upgrading to Harmony, our whole supply chain is now fully integrated."
Trevor Brown – Group CEO
A reference from Blue Illusion
"We have grown the Blue Illusion brand by focusing on customer loyalty.

HARMONY gives us the ability to measure the effectiveness of each promotion and track the returns."
Donna & Danny Guest – Managing Directors
A reference from Bonza Brats
"At Bonza we operate different stores targeted at kids clothing, footwear and girls, with over 100,000 individual SKU's.

A real benefit of Harmony is our ability to use multiple price points within a single size grid."
Stan Kouras – Managing Director
A reference from
"Boo Radley is a fast growing, entrepreneurial comapny, FBS have become an invaluable partner to us

They have advised us and provided the IT systems and infrastructure to operate our manufacturing out of China, open our retail arm and launch our new website."
David Sibel – Director
A reference from
"We knew we had inefficiencies with the 3 non integrated systems we previously used.

After implementing Harmony's end-to-end solution we now realise significant cost savings as well as eliminating previous payment errors."
Adam Radomsky – General Manager
A reference from Famous Footwear
"Prior to embarking on our national expansion plan we searched for a supplier who would work with us in partnership.

We chose Future Business Systems as their Harmony product is developed locally and they provide nationwide support."
John Hutchins – General Manager
A reference from Flower
"At Flower we measure and reward our staff based on their performance using many criteria.

Implementing Harmony has automated this entire process and allows shop floor staff to view their performance progress in real-time."
Chris Hoffmann – Managing Director
A reference from Manning Cartell
"Although we were a start up company, we had a clear vision of where we wanted to go long term.

By investing in Harmony we have a sytem that will grow with us into the future."
Gabrielle Manning – Director
A reference from Sfida
"MDR manages the design, procurement and distribution of clothing for many of the top retailers. It also supplies corporate & promotional apparel.

The Harmony web interface allows our customers to directly draw on their allocated stock, seamlessly feeding informationinto our Warehousing and Distribution System."
Michael Sherr – Director
A reference from
"Fundamentally all systems have the same basic features. But, our experience over the past 8 years have shown Future Business Systems are the leaders in customer service."

Future Business Systems works with us to develop the Harmony system to meet our ever evolving requirements."
Leisa French – Creative Director
A reference from My Size
"We purchased Harmony to give us one integrated system, replacing four disparate systems.

Now with real-time data capture and full integration, we can make immediate decisions based on accurate reports."
Andrew Nissen – Managing Director
A reference from Ozmosis
"It was critical when we replaced our existing retail business system.

FBS managed the implementation of the Harmony system from decision to go-live in 3weeks - there was virtually no interruption to our business."
Tom Cahill – General Manager
A reference from
"When we expanded Pierucci Internationally our Harmony system provided us with the tools to grow.

Harmony allowed me to view stock holdings across all our stores internationally in the one screen."
Robert Pierucci – Managing Director
A reference from Connor
"Having to run a myriad of Excel spreadsheets to back up our previous point-of-sale system, made our business very inefficient.

Now a style is created once in our design department and the information feeds through our whole supply chain and into our stores."
Murray Carter – Founder and GM
A reference from Sires
"We approached the selection of a Management Information System with reluctance as we had successfully used a manual system for over 50 years.

Harmony impressed us with its ease-of-use. The nurturing we received during implementation, meant the transition was seamless."
Ian Leiba – Director
A reference from Skin and Threads
"Harmony has enabled us to streamline our production process and in doing so, maximise our efficiency.

We now have so much more time to spend on other areas of the business."
Emma Gathercole – Director
A reference from Swimwear Galore
"We made the decision to replace our POS system, as we required a fully integrated stock replenishment and consolidation system.

Harmony has improved our efficiency and productivity, by allowing us to move stock between stores based on up-to-the-minute sales data."
Andrew Ingersol – General Manager
A reference from
"The Swiss Models Group of companies are a high volume wholesaler, dispatching over 10,000 garments per day.

Reliability is critical in our business, in the 20 years we have been using Harmony, it hasn't skipped a beat."
Paul Bowers – IT Manager
A reference from Tarocash
"Although we are a start up company, we had a clear vision of where we wanted to go long term.

By investing in Harmony we have a system that will grow with us in the future."
Les Kraus – Chief Financial Officer, Retail Apparel Group Pty Ltd
A reference from Johnny Bigg
"We needed a single system that could manage wireless warehousing right through to retail management and integrated POS for our stores, as well as a software development team that could cope with our unique requests

We found this in Harmony."
Mark F – General Manager
A reference from yd
"YD Management are continually on the road visiting stores and suppliers.

Our buyers, while overseas, can now check up-to-date sales and best seller information from their hotel room using Harmony."
Paul Zagami – Financial Controller